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is it friday yet?

The deal with our business model is that the work doesn’t regulate itself. We can’t say, “Oops, eight hour-five day work week is up, time to go home, just can’t get to it.” Or my real preference, “oops, my six … Continue reading

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“What is your favorite word?” “And. It is so hopeful.” – An interview with Margaret Atwood (Source: beinlovewithyourlife)

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about last weekend

We tested our social butterfly wings. It was spectacular. Or at least comforting and delightful. Which to us, counts as spectacular. Friday night dinner with cousins Lynn and Brian in fancy East Sacramento at One Speed Pizza. There was wine, … Continue reading

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the return of wordinista

The other day I heard the word “swashbuckler” on the radio and I realized that my vocabulary needed a refresher course. Because isn’t swashbuckler a great word? Though I’m not sure the Swashbuckler cocktail sounds all that delicious, the word … Continue reading

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thank fully

The truth is, I am a little bit cranky this morning. I had to take a break from my TV binge-a-thon. So many people behaving badly…I know it’s pretend, but it was just wearing me down. And then my sweet … Continue reading

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notes to myself

It really shouldn’t surprise me anymore. How many times we start and stall and start and stop and start again. How many times we have to relearn and unlearn and give in and push on. Maybe it’s just me, but … Continue reading

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love is small

I believe this is the 37th Valentine’s Day I’ve spent with Steve. Once you get to this number, it’s hard to track. And after this many years, counting/keeping score/tracking isn’t wise anyway. Except. For the past month, Steve and I … Continue reading

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my life with the fab four

This is Steve’s painting. He did it several years ago when he had an amazing commission from Sprint to paint 30 murals of musicians for one of their buildings in Nashville. It’s one of my favorites from the group. My … Continue reading

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the trouble with time

There’s just not quite enough of it. By 11:00 a.m, I had notes that three people I knew (or knew of) had died. No one I was close to, but the stepfather of a dear friend, the daughter of a … Continue reading

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