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i’ve got two words for you

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I’ve stopped feeling bad about the sunshine. I suspect we will have a summer without showers (as in water rationing), but for now it’s so wonderful to have an extra hit of blue sky and a little color.

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mama’s got brand new shoes

Ah, Monday morning, why must you crash into our weekend like this? Not that it was so spectacular, but it was just getting going. Three softball games (in the wind), a movie (The Artist, delightful…meant to see Hugo, which was … Continue reading

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just for you

It’s Friday, and I only saw a few of you over at Pinterest this week…so for the rest of you, we’ve got a little round of inspiration. Happy Friday. I mean it.

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dude, seriously

The food is for the BIRDS. And you so are not a bird. You are a rat in a cuter costume. Plus, you’re making a mess. Seriously.

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just one so far

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just a little coffee

Polymer clay…they are about 1 1/2 inches tall. Steve made the third one, which is about 3/4 of an inch tall, because he’s awesome that way.

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