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the return of kim’s holiday gift guide

It’s a fact that I spend a tremendous amount of time amusing myself. Simple minds and all that. What better time to celebrate your inner-silly, than Christmas. Last year I discovered the website Perpetual Kid. I thought this calendar was … Continue reading

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still november and still grateful

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. Marcel Proust

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thankful for pajamas and pie

I am trying to remember how I spent the last four days, and darned if I can’t recall a thing. I know we spent Thanksgiving Day in Squaw Valley at Steve’s Aunt Pat’s cabin. Snow and sun and conversation and … Continue reading

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what? me worry?

Alex isn’t home yet. The good news is, she didn’t spend the night in the Seattle Airport. She stayed back in Vancouver one more day, as the flight delays meant she would miss her connection, and being as we made … Continue reading

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the mom worry button? you mean the one over my heart?

So Steve and Alex are taking two separate flights home from Vancouver. Steve was saving money, so he drove the two hours from Van to Seattle yesterday. It took five. He missed his flight (the only on time flight of … Continue reading

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who needs a list?

So we all know that there isn’t much that gives me more of a thrill than to begin the weekend with a lovely list (in columns! in my best handwriting!) and to end it with checks and crossed off tasks … Continue reading

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what it looks like from here

They will make it on the plane, afterall. We didn’t even have a meltdown last night. Alex finished part two of her report on Ronald Reagan. And she’s now an expert on the Iran-Contra affair (perhaps even knowing more than … Continue reading

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Steve and Alex are going to Canada tomorrow. They both have an impossible amount of work to accomplish in 24 hours. They both have colds. They refuse to make a list. I am befuddled. Two weeks ago I suggested they … Continue reading

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five good things: crunchy leaves edition

Things I am feeling particularly grateful for on this perhaps-we-are-transitioning-to-fall-morning: The light. There’s nothing like November light. I don’t remember being so aware of it until last year. I want to call it tea light, because it seems like all … Continue reading

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a perfect san francisco day, part two

We had a list of activities for our perfect autumn day in San Francisco. After the Ferry Building, it included Union Square, Chinatown, the Haight, Golden Gate Bridge and Bi-Rite Ice Cream. We drove to Union Square (again, with mom … Continue reading

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