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project 365 :: almost, but not really

This year I attempted my second Project 365…that is, taking and posting a picture every day. I made it to day 95, and then the long slide into pretending, but not really doing. I posted groups at a time, rather … Continue reading

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bleak is the new beautiful

Yesterday Steve and I crawled out from under the Christmas doings and wandered down to Consumnes River Preserve. Not much water in California this time of year (and this year specifically), but there was certainly enough beauty to take our … Continue reading

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christmas 2013 :: what we built

We aren’t sure what it is either. We’ve been doing this for 25 years (and Grandma Jan has the photos to prove it). It’s our Christmas Eve tradition, and this one required a little more time and tequila than usual. … Continue reading

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escape to the city

We did it! We pulled off a weekend in San Francisco, with perfect weather, just the right combination of scurrying and moseying (truth, more mosey than scurry), a little shopping (mostly bookstores), some delicious eating, and lots and lots of … Continue reading

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have a merry (little) christmas

Every year, about this time, we have a very special holiday tradition. It’s the mommy meltdown and while it builds slowly, the explosives are colorful and impressive. I have worked for years to get others around me to change their … Continue reading

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advancing (still slowly) to the season

This was the weekend where the entire Christmas list would be completed. It was a well-intended and superbly organized list, in a lovely blue and white polkadot notebook, with a very cute (pink!) elastic band. But somehow the list stayed … Continue reading

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how did we used to do this?

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Christmas would be much easier if we did it every other year. At least, not at the end of the year. And not all at once. The other day I … Continue reading

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slowly, the ambiance builds

And I mean slowly. We used the be the couple who got their tree the day after Thanksgiving, then the first week in December, then the second. You know where this is going, don’t you? We were busy this weekend, … Continue reading

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the gates are open

I have always felt that the demonstration of forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools we have in a world that needs all the love and peace it can muster. Fortunately, there are a few who have shown us … Continue reading

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welcome to the holidays, the season of imperfection

Four days of being thankful. And preparing for the holidays. And seeing Facebook photos of perfectly decorated homes, trees, children and dogs. Oh, I am not ready for this again. I have a friend who claims Christmas would be much … Continue reading

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