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Good wine, good talk, good friends, good date, good news. And it’s only Saturday morning. Finally! Advertisements

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well, that was kind of weird

Alex is getting a new passport. She’s leaving the country a month before her old one expires, and she’s ready for the grownup version. This is what was weird: She didn’t need my help. Or my signature. She’s 18, you … Continue reading

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because every thursday could use a little happy

From the Portland artist, Katie Daisy. See her stuff here.

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red velvet awesomeness

Alex has been in a cake baking competition with her friend Haley. Last week Alex made red velvet cupcakes decorated as water polo balls to celebrate Haley’s signing to play at UC Davis. Yesterday Haley brought this to the Varsity … Continue reading

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thrift store score

This weekend I took a $5.00 bill and paid a visit to the SPCA Thrift Store. I haven’t been there for several weeks (it was around the corner from the old studio and I used to pass it every day). … Continue reading

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mud and mulch

The rain cooperated with our gardening plans this weekend and we were able to have a yard and a half of top soil delivered Sunday morning. Steve was pretty excited about the dump truck (though he may have been more … Continue reading

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there’s a last time for everything

I think it’s clear that I am moving into that phase where youngest-child-is-preparing-to-leave-home-and-everything-is-sentimental. Alex’s new cleats came yesterday and the sight of them on the kitchen table made me whimper, just a little. Steve has been buying her cleats for … Continue reading

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