is it friday yet?

The deal with our business model is that the work doesn’t regulate itself. We can’t say, “Oops, eight hour-five day work week is up, time to go home, just can’t get to it.” Or my real preference, “oops, my six hour-four day week is up, time to go have my real life.” We’re hired because our clients can’t do it themselves. And everything comes with a deadline.

No matter when our work shows up, there is always a moment when all deadlines collide. This week I thought my brain would implode. I even told Steve that if this was my job, I would have to quit. He said, “yeah, I keep waiting for that.” The funny part of this is that while I was busy with deadline collision/brain implosion, I was also doing some of the best work I’ve ever done.

And really, it only required one pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Low Fat Frozen yogurt, and we made it last two nights.

When we came home last night, we could barely move. Steve said, “Let’s never have a week like that again, ok?” So, just to make ourselves feel better, I recounted what we had accomplished:

Launched a site that Steve’s been working on for a year, one that represents lots and lots of new thinking and learning. Another site went to the client for review (also in progress for a year). Design presentation for a third new site (for a large international company), three different design/print reviews, two press checks, two video treatments (client said he’d take both). Also, naming project, plus finished another web strategy doc. Also, the Davis Bike Action Plan that we worked on (say it after me, for a year) was adopted by the City Council. And that personal project…small movement. Small, but moving.

Today, Portland. My friend, Wendi and I are flying up to meet Alex and Wendi’s daughter Madie. There will be shopping (Powell’s!), eating and coffee. There might even be a Voodoo Donut in my future. I hope there will be sleep. And there will be daughter-hugging! Steve is picking up his new custom bike that he bought last weekend.

Pretty good rewards, I think.

See you on the flip side.

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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