the return of wordinista

The other day I heard the word “swashbuckler” on the radio and I realized that my vocabulary needed a refresher course. Because isn’t swashbuckler a great word? Though I’m not sure the Swashbuckler cocktail sounds all that delicious, the word has promise…if only I could figure out how to use it.

A few more for your consideration:

Vivify: To bring life to, to animate, to enliven. Isn’t that nice? Its exactly what it sounds like.  Let’s have some coffee to vivify our morning. In fact, let’s have three.

Callipygian: Having well-shaped buttocks. This one cracks me up, no pun intended. Well, maybe intended. Heh.

Betwixt: No mystery here, we all know what it means. But since I don’t actually live on set at Downton Abbey, I don’t get to use it. Must reconsider my century or my language.

Snollygoster: A shrewd person, not guided by principles. Yup, still watching House of Cards. Stuck on Season 2, Episode 4. I saw a small clip of something that happens in the future, and I just can’t bear to watch more. I will get over it, but for now, I have The Olympics and snowboard cross.

Wifty: Eccentic, silly, dizzy. Who are you calling wifty?

The weekend is here. May you find your inner-swashbuckler before Monday. I know I’ll be on the lookout for mine. See you on the flip side.

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