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the regift report

This year I decided we would add something new in the area of gift-giving, so we attempted white elephanting and regifting. The white elephant thing was ok, but my family isn’t so great at collecting or recognizing crap (or perhaps … Continue reading

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and poof, she’s gone

Kate “the whirling dervish” is on her way home to Vancouver, via New Year’s Eve in Eugene. I hope Eugene is prepared. Steve put her on the train last night at 12:45 am, along with¬† a huge bin that included … Continue reading

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My worry about this Christmas break was that it would be so activity-filled that we wouldn’t have time to hang out with our cozies and our books and each other. Worry abated.

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a very special family day

Pre P.S.:Kate claims this is way too vivid and way too much information. She wants it noted that she led the charge at 3:00 a.m. and SHE was the first. She wants credit for the 5 extra hours of suffering … Continue reading

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at least we’re in this together

They have the flu. All of them us. They each have the same thing, but they are all handling it in their own style. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that our home is humming with moaning, … Continue reading

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’twas the day after christmas

Both sets of grandparents have stopped by for their on-the-road turkey sandwiches and goodbye hugs. Toby is nestled behind the tree. The house is strewn with boxes and bags and books and candles and record albums (yes, that would be … Continue reading

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the holiday amusement park

No explanation needed. Merry Christmas everyone.

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amusing ourselves | day one

No children were actually involved today. Grandpa showed up with the amusement park structure, his industrial strength glue gun, and a heck of a lot of graham crackers.¬† Steve and I were allowed to play. Alex was babysitting, and hasn’t … Continue reading

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she’s home

The plane was over 2 1/2 hours late, but who’s counting? We grabbed a quick lunch at Panera, did a little shopping, came home and watched Toby GO NUTS! She’s been waiting four years for a greeting like that….He did … Continue reading

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christmas treats from my inner non-baker

I don’t bake. At all. I can’t. It requires patience, and the ability to follow directions, and well, it never works out. Which is generally ok with me, except for during the holidays. At first my mother-in-law would bake the … Continue reading

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