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oh look, it’s a pause button

One of our family jokes is that I can never find the pause button on the TV remote control. That would require finding my glasses, and that’s another story. So I rely on sound effects. First the sigh, then the … Continue reading

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as a matter of fact, I do spend too much time on the internet

I do it so you don’t have to. Because how else would you know about Quinoa, and her fashion forward life on Pinterest? She’s the brainchild of Tiffany Beveridge and her Pinterest page is titled My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter. … Continue reading

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with zeal

That’s his name, Zeal. Our new baby…well, not OUR baby. Steve’s cousin Chris, and his wife Christine’s new baby. Honestly, we were just meeting his big brother Avery ten minutes ago. We dropped Alex off with them today, and she’ll … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday | foggy sunday

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a few fine figs

Steve’s grandmother’s tree, cuttings delivered by Aunt Pat. Twice a year we get a few fine figs. This week, it’s more than a few. I love a good surprise, especially when they are packaged like this.

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not so quick…

It’s true, I foolishly thought my parenting days were over. After all, Kate is 25, living in Chicago. Alex is 19, finished her first year at Oregon State, onto her second. Home from a solo backpacking trip around Europe, which … Continue reading

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remember when I used to blog every day?

Me too…but not this week. Alex is home for a short (short!) while and we’re shopping for apartment stuff. She’s also rummaging through the kitchen and I am realizing how much of our stuff was actually her stuff (which is … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday | bikes at the beach

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making change

Alex returned home from her European adventure this weekend. She flew into LAX Saturday night, so Steve and I drove to my folks’ house, picked her up, and decompressed there for the weekend. I knew she’d change some on the … Continue reading

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smells like summer

Summer used to smell like See & Ski, back when it was suntan lotion (also back when we used baby oil!). Then it smelled like chlorine in my girls’ hair. Now days I can be found in the garden, with … Continue reading

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