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what i made this weekend

Invitations for Alex’s graduation party, 100 coffee filter pom poms (dyed in blue food coloring) for Varsity Softball Senior Day, a visit to Steve’s wonderful Aunt Louise, a new cactus planter out of a bird bath, a trip to the … Continue reading

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you know that moment?

Yeah, that moment. I am there. Right now. Just stepping off the high dive. It’s not my most graceful entry either. I was hoping to find a lovely inspirational poster to help frame my challenge in the most positive light…but … Continue reading

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From The Acid Deam Spaceship.

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starting anew

Kate and Brendan are moving to Chicago. Alex, as we’ve already established, is moving to Oregon. Serious reinvention happening at the studio. I’m tackling the big issue again (that would be the weight issue…no more discussion, will return to chatting … Continue reading

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1000 cups…i made it!

That loud sound you hear is me breathing a sigh of relief, mixed in with some gratitude. In my imagination there are also trumpets, cannons and choirs singing. Because today I finally hit coffee cup 1000 on Coffee | Served … Continue reading

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a little distracted

I’m getting ready for coffee cup 1000 over at that other place (coffee|served daily). It’s a little too much time on the ‘puter, when the Giants are on TV, the Davis High Varsity Softball team is on the field and … Continue reading

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when in oregon

I’ve been gone for four days. I didn’t take many pictures. I didn’t turn on a tv, or read a paper and barely touched a computer. I intended to fully document my first trip away with Miss Alex to Corvallis … Continue reading

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a few from the garden

Beets planted, wagon o’ succulents thriving, grandma’s chair repainted, a picture of peace. In other news, Alex and I are flying to Oregon today, with our friends Madie and Wendi. We’ll do some new studenty stuff at OSU in Corvallis, … Continue reading

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a few from the garden

Alex and I are headed to Oregon for a few days…leaving in five minutes. To hold you over (what am I talking about…to hold ME over), here are a few from the garden…beets planted, wagon succulents thriving, grandma jessie’s chair … Continue reading

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until then, this

I’m going on a trip tomorrow, and haven’t done much to prepare. So I really need to get off the internet and get to work and get to packing and get to Portland and Corvallis with Miss Alex (and a … Continue reading

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