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I’d like that month back, please

This is what happened: I am almost better. Not really better-better, but better enough. It rained a little. Alex was accepted into the program at University of Amsterdam next year. That is, Amsterdam as in “much further away than Oregon.” … Continue reading

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adjusted reality :: the good news about being sick

Oh wait, there is no good news. It’s been eleven days. It’s ugly. It’s boring. It’s a waste of time. The other night Steve said that when you have kids, you have to keep going…they still have to get to … Continue reading

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twenty birthdays

How is that possible? Although I have to say, your first one does seem a long time ago. Even your fifteenth seems a life time away. But this was the year where I felt you really became independent and made … Continue reading

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the weekend of changed expectations

This was the plan. Rent an incredible house in the redwoods for the three-day weekend. Close to the ocean, wineries, hiking, fresh crab, bike riding, sunshine, funky little towns, picture taking, reading, talking, relaxing, connecting. The good stuff. Did you … Continue reading

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fleeing on a friday

I have big plans this weekend. It does not include the flu, so I will be leaving that at home. Stories on Monday. See you on the flip side.

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touring heath ceramics

Last fall Steve and I made a long-anticipated investment in Heath Ceramics. We thought that after 34 years we deserved matching dishes, and if the past is any indicator, this would be our last set of dishes. Heath dishes are … Continue reading

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seeing red

I am breaking up with Target. It’s not about the security breach, but rather their lack of response to it. And the truth is, I needed the excuse. You see, I have an addiction to cheap shiny objects and Target … Continue reading

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