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ghost hunting in bodie

The benefit of having a vacation go not exactly as one had planned, is that one gets to do something new. In this case, it was a visit to the ghost town of Bodie, which is a California State Park. … Continue reading

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it’s a sign

Really, it’s just a sign. I made this from wood and paint left over from the beach-patio-mural project (in fact, it was inspired by the blog post title for that project), a few twigs from the yard and the remainder … Continue reading

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point reyes national seashore

Last Sunday, to celebrate the end of the vacation that wasn’t really what we had planned, and the car wreck that makes no sense (see previous posts), Steve and I drove to the coast, to spend the day at Limatour … Continue reading

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a peace of it

Last Sunday, 4 am….the phone rings. Never a good thing. It was the Davis Police Department. Our little Subaru had been parked outside our mechanic’s, and had been rear ended,and totaled, by a hit and run driver. Well, the driver … Continue reading

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another look

We are back and immersed in reality (stories to come). More importantly, my computer is back from the shop. But there are still a few pictures to share. You can’t tell from here that the trip was kind of a … Continue reading

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crossing that bridge

School starts in the morning. She’s a senior now. She’ll drive herself, in her big jeep with the “coexist” sticker (or the rolling oxymoron as I refer to it). She’ll turn 18 this year, choose a college, vote in her … Continue reading

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vacation report

Or, as we will refer to it from now on, the trip that provided (many) opportunities to reset expectations and readjust our reality. Yeah, that. The trip where nothing went as planned. Not one thing. However there were other things. … Continue reading

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swap the beer for wine, and the patio for a porch on a lake, and we have a vacation

Unplugging for a week. Going on vacation to a land without internet. See you on the flip side, with pictures, stories and possibly a few bug bites.  (Oh, and the cup is available at Urban Outfitters).

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that, too

So it was a tricky week. It included a broken car, an email implosion (losing all of my 2011 email) and some missed communication (note to self, not everyone can hear the voices in your head).  Next week is vacation….it … Continue reading

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major league fun

Last night the San Francisco Giants beat the Pittsburgh Pirates, 6-0. If you are a Giants fan, you understand what a big deal this is. I like to think our little family had something to do with their good luck. … Continue reading

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