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Packing it up for Mexico

One of the great privileges of working for Freedom from Hunger is being able to travel to meet the women in their groups. My first trip was to Bolivia, and since then I have traveled to Burkina Faso and India. … Continue reading

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Friday night entertainment

Well, that worked for me. Two men (and I am ok with that, really I am), speaking almost clearly about the issues. A little question-dodging for sure, but generally….full sentences, thoughtful answers and respect for each other. Differentiation. No fireworks.  … Continue reading

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and she said…

The organization where I work has some big goals. Like ending world hunger…for good. A woman who came before me, and was a true inspiration and creator here, signed every email with “Onward.” And we believed her. I didn’t get … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Steve!

He’s 53 today. I met him just after he turned 21. We were friends for a few months (I was dating another Steve, he was the the third of three Steves in a row). But once we started dating, it … Continue reading

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Give me my reality with sequins attached anytime!

And there it was….in the midst of my CNN-a-thon, as I try to grab onto any news that might make the next four years bearable. My oasis of reality. Dancing with the Stars. Two hours (and two more hours tonight) … Continue reading

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It’s here!

Left the laptop at work this weekend….must have been my inside voice telling me that weekend work isn’t necessarily a good thing. But today! It’s Monday, it’s fall, it’s the premier of Dancing with the Stars! Amazing Race starts next … Continue reading

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the cutest ugly shoes

Even the most dedicated Obamamama needs a break from the daily stream of NPR, newspapers, blogs and outraged emails. A little distraction is good for the soul. And the sole. Look what I found? And 60% off! And speaking of … Continue reading

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