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thank full

Oh, a four day weekend that includes pumpkin pie, a never ending tub of cranberry sauce, family, friends, and a rainy day without a single “have to do.”  Also, San Francisco, the gym, sushi and sake with our favorite sushi/sake … Continue reading

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more ukulele, please

I’ve been imagining this for a while, but it wasn’t an easy sell. Steve and I aren’t musical, but we love music. We have both played the guitar, but not well (he played better than I did). But somehow, I … Continue reading

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this is plan be

I’m quite certain what I love most about the internet is that one can have an idea and share it, without the editing, vetting and financial investment that separates the half-baked from the commercially viable. While there is a downside, … Continue reading

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ten ways to happy

Lately, my life hasn’t been going according to plan. In fact, there’s more confusion than clarity and a few more bumps in the road than are necessary. My brow was furrowing on a regular basis, and if I didn’t change … Continue reading

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It’s Bill’s Birthday

This handsome guy is my dad. It’s his birthday today, and you have no idea how thrilled I am to be able to celebrate it with him this weekend. Well, maybe you do. He’s a feisty one, this Grandpa. He … Continue reading

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