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yay for love

We knew it was coming. We knew they were committed to each other, and that they would build their lives together. What we didn’t know was how excited, delighted, surprised and overjoyed we would feel when we got the phone … Continue reading

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thank full

Oh, a four day weekend that includes pumpkin pie, a never ending tub of cranberry sauce, family, friends, and a rainy day without a single “have to do.”  Also, San Francisco, the gym, sushi and sake with our favorite sushi/sake … Continue reading

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more ukulele, please

I’ve been imagining this for a while, but it wasn’t an easy sell. Steve and I aren’t musical, but we love music. We have both played the guitar, but not well (he played better than I did). But somehow, I … Continue reading

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It’s Bill’s Birthday

This handsome guy is my dad. It’s his birthday today, and you have no idea how thrilled I am to be able to celebrate it with him this weekend. Well, maybe you do. He’s a feisty one, this Grandpa. He … Continue reading

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let’s be adventurers

September 1. That means I am no longer 56. And that summer is about done. Which is kind of a good thing, because it was a tricky summer. Alex is settled in Amsterdam, and all is going quite well. She … Continue reading

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and she’s off…

We drove Alex to San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday, sending her for a two-day layover with Kate in Chicago, then to Amsterdam for a year. We have no return date. Just the expectation of an experience of a lifetime. … Continue reading

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when the universe gives you shenanigans…

….respond with gratitude. At least, that’s what I am trying this week. Two insane deadlines at the studio, the kind that make us wistful for a staff (and also a minibar). Car issues, house maintenance issues, life issues. Yeah, a … Continue reading

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yes, you

Trying to reset, before moving on. Alex is home, and our house has become her closet. But in a good way. She leaves for Amsterdam on August 12, and packed her first day here. I believe everything she owns is … Continue reading

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showing up

This past weekend I tried to show up as a legit, official, recognized and real blogger. I attended the 10th Annual BlogHer Conference, known as the grand hooha of social blogging events. It was in San Jose, close by, and … Continue reading

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practicing flex(ability)

Today I am double dipping and sharing a piece I wrote for fifty|fifty vision. I had this idea last spring, and have been writing it on and off for several months.  I feel like at this age I should be … Continue reading

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