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weekend report

Well, I did something silly last night. We were out with our friends Jeff and Deborah (formative friends, from before we were married, Chico News & Review days) and I brazenly ordered coffee at 9:00 pm. In fact, I even … Continue reading

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One of my favorite parts of watching softball, and now baseball, is watching how quickly momentum shifts from team to team, from pitcher to hitter, from runner to fielder. From fan to fan. If you were watching the World Series … Continue reading

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feeling fall

I’m on day four of my changing of the seasons cold. Seems to be better today. Naps, tea and an excuse to put on pajamas at 7:00 pm all help. And a few falling leaves.

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the laundry alcove

In general, I am pretty satisfied with my home. But there are a few things I covet. A master bath (with a tub), a pergola in my patio, and a mud room/laundry room. That last one….oh boy, I really want … Continue reading

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don’t get too close

Or I will sneeze all over you. And it won’t be pretty. That’s what I get for mocking Steve and his wimpy little cold last week. Excuse me while I wipe down the screen and everything else around me.

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oh yes, she did

We spent the weekend on a new project…part of the ongoing series, Home Improvement: One Crappy Corner at a Time. The big reveal will come later this week. But just in case you were curious…it involved this color. Yes, it … Continue reading

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autumn-ish in the arboretum

Friday afternoon I wandered over to the UC Davis arboretum to see if fall had arrived yet. It’s on its way for sure. But in a brown-not-yet-orange way. It’s subtle, or tired, however you want to frame it. At any … Continue reading

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