more ukulele, please


I’ve been imagining this for a while, but it wasn’t an easy sell. Steve and I aren’t musical, but we love music. We have both played the guitar, but not well (he played better than I did). But somehow, I thought that his and her ukuleles would be a blast, and give us something new to learn together. They would make us laugh, because you can’t be sad when you are holding a ukulele.

Steve wasn’t so sure, and it took a few weeks to convince him. He was responsible and suggested we might want to buy just one, or rent. I practiced my crestfallen face and accused him of behaving like a particular political party that doesn’t like a plan, but doesn’t have one of their own. And he bought it.

Rather, we bought it. Two ukuleles, plus a tuner and a beginner’s book. And a bottle of wine.

photo 3

We had a fabulous Saturday night. We started with Are You Sleeping?, then moved onto Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Hush Little Baby. Then we checked out the You Tube videos (oh, a whole other world, those You Tube ukulele videos) and got pretty excited. We worked on You Are My Sunshine  and Ho Hey (the Lumineers, not Hi Ho with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs). Then Steve, who pretty much does everything well,  decided he was going to master Here Comes the Sun for Christmas. I (who am always a little less ambitious) am going to work on the Shaker folk hymn, Simple Gifts.

photo 1[1]photo 2

The wine was really good.

Steve is right, it’s silly. I was right, it’s a blast. And together, neither of us are very good, and we might even be not good at all.

But the ukuleles? They are fantastic.

photo 2[1]


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  1. ukechick says:

    Everything is better with Ukulele!

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