when the universe gives you shenanigans…

….respond with gratitude. At least, that’s what I am trying this week. Two insane deadlines at the studio, the kind that make us wistful for a staff (and also a minibar). Car issues, house maintenance issues, life issues. Yeah, a lot of stuff.  I did some writing for fifty|fifty vision which was a good thing. I especially liked this piece about the time I realized I wasn’t in charge (and it was ok). Grateful that I have a home and a productive life, and that we can withstand a few bumps (and electrical problems).

Today Steve and I were so wiped out at work that he said, “I think I may start to drool soon.” Heh. So, I am being grateful for a sense of humor (at least I hope he was kidding).


Speaking of not being in charge (and this time, it’s actually not ok), Steve’s mom is having surgery on Friday, so please keep  Adeline in your thoughts. I’m not going to include all of the details just yet, because she’s a private person. But it’s serious stuff. I’m so grateful that Steve’s sister, Sue, has been able to be with Vince and Adeline so much, and has been such an incredible partner with Steve. Alex had an awesome visit with her grandparents and cousins on Monday and Tuesday, and there’s a lot of gratitude in that as well.


So I’m being grateful for family and love and all that is good in the world. Because there is plenty of good, hiding in all the messiness.

See you on the flip side.



About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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