showing up

This past weekend I tried to show up as a legit, official, recognized and real blogger. I attended the 10th Annual BlogHer Conference, known as the grand hooha of social blogging events. It was in San Jose, close by, and it seemed like the time was right for me to figure out where I fit in the blogosphere.

The answer? I don’t know. There were about 3,000 women (and some men) and at least 50 speakers. I knew a group of midlife women from a Facebook group I belong to, my friend Laura came and roomed with me, and I had a few other contacts who I found once I was there.

Some of the weekend was fantastic, some was a little disappointing, and much of it was confusing. But in the confusion, I got some clarity.

Blogging for me is about showing up. Having accountability for my life…to you, and back to myself. It’s about being creative. And it’s about telling stories.

It’s probably not about monetization, or getting thousands of followers, or publishing a book (unless it’s self publishing). This is how I showed up:

I paid attention

I paid attention

I listened

I listened

Arianna, Kerry Washington, techies, marketers, writers, activists…inspired by every one of them.

I made friends

I made friends

We started with wine in my room and ended with wine in the bar, and in between we smiled and shared and tried not to whine about anything.

And I told my story

And I told my story

The big event (other than the closing party with RunDMC, which I skipped) was the Voice of the Year presentation. No, this isn’t that…this is the Open Mic event that follows. You toss your name into a basket and hope that it is (or isn’t) picked. And you read. I was lucky enough to be able to read this. It was a wonderful experience, and the highlight of the weekend for me.

So I don’t know much more than I knew before, and I still have a blogging identity crisis (with this one…I am pretty clear about fifty|fifty vision). But I think I am sure about showing up, and what that means to me.

Now, I’m home. So is Alex, for too short of time. As I write this, she’s trying to fit a year’s worth of clothes into her backpack. So I think it’s time to go show up for her.

P.S. I wrote something funny here. Come over and read it.: We want a husband.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to showing up

  1. njweseman says:

    Well, I’m so glad that you’ve “showed up”, because getting to know you through your blogs has been wonderful. xo

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