project 365 :: almost, but not really

This year I attempted my second Project 365…that is, taking and posting a picture every day. I made it to day 95, and then the long slide into pretending, but not really doing. I posted groups at a time, rather than one at a time, and by October, I didn’t even bother numbering them. I talked about quitting (more of a high-pitched whine, there was a fair amount of whining), but I never admitted that I was really quitting. Which of course, drove me nuts that I couldn’t even quit with conviction.

I’m not going to attempt this again for 2014, because it seems that being Kim is project enough for me (as evidenced my my lack of commitment to do or to quit, probably should work on that). My half-hearted attempt at P365 is here, in a flickr set. And here is one photo from each month, which proves that it was a pretty good year after all, and I showed up whenever and however I could (and hopefully with more than half a heart). And that’s good enough. Happy New Year. See you on the flip side. Really for real.

8404566102_1dafe3fdea_b 8460392300_08127c2635_b 8608406638_de32e93a11_b 8632927041_622dee4642_b 8849288945_ea0d348330_b 8920759372_6daa1cefe7_b 9236017342_f64c6b78fa_b 9507612924_9fb9a16fde_b 10008663904_6da24c0c23_b 10426436196_9a2f44d400_b 10742940666_dbf4a01096_b 11515351514_ae48c57afc_b


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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