slowly, the ambiance builds

And I mean slowly. We used the be the couple who got their tree the day after Thanksgiving, then the first week in December, then the second. You know where this is going, don’t you?

We were busy this weekend, mostly with holiday stuff, but not the stuff you can see. Steve worked on a project, which took the entire weekend, and then some. I did all of the gift shopping and had a fun time doing it. I made an effort to be especially nice to people when we bumped in the aisles, or when the cashiers seemed to be tired and on their way to cranky. I listened to Christmas music in the car. I imagined our Christmas dinners. My dad and I did some planning for our graham cracker creation (mainly, who will get the long licorice vines, because they are essential).  I bought lots of AA batteries. I lit some candles. I wrapped a few presents. Oh, and we watched the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special. I put some lights in a big glass vase of pine cones.

And that was that. Alex is snowed in up at Oregon State, and her photos were great. Not so great is that campus is closed, it’s finals week, and her flight home had to be moved back. Kate has snow in Chicago and she sent me pictures that matched Alex’s (because Chicago and Corvallis don’t look so different in the snow, you know). We had an awesome dinner with friends Friday night, with four hours of conversation. Met up with cousins at Steve’s show Sunday afternoon and a post gallery beer. Made delicious soup.

It’s funny, I don’t always welcome the idea of a big ol’ tree in the living room (which requires rearrangement to make it happen) and pulling down the boxes, culling through the Santas and Angels and all those stockings (it’s true, the four of us have 12 stockings…that’s another story). There are moments when I feel a little Grinchlette inside of me. Then on mornings like this, I kind of miss it, and believe it’s best just to reframe as “building ambiance slowly.”

Happy Monday.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to slowly, the ambiance builds

  1. We’re building the ambiance slowly over here too.

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