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Hey there, so glad you stopped by.

IMG_4659At a glance: Kim, 56, Virgo, marketing consultant, wife to Steve, mom to Kate and Alex (though they’ve flown the nest and are onto their own lives), northern Californian (Davis, to be specific), sometimes crafter, amateur photographer, seeker of all things textural, fledgling writer, passionate coffee drinker. Also writing at fifty|fifty vision.

The why: I started this blog as a way to celebrate my 50th year. I had the opportunity to go to India that year, which was life changing… as I knew it would be. So this blog started with that trip, and then I just kept on going. It’s a place for me to make a story and share a picture. It’s not very complicated,  and for some reason it centers me.

The longer story: I have two grown daughters, and they live in Chicago and Oregon. They are independent and self-assured with a confidence that astonishes me. I work with my husband, Steve, here. I live in Davis, California. I love the San Francisco Giants, which is new to me, and surprises everyone. I am very attached to my mom and dad. Besides this space, I am at fifty|fifty vision, and on Tumbler at Caffeinated by Design.  And yes, I tweet, I pin and I show up every so often on flickr. The jury is still out on whether I have too much time on my hands, have too much to say, or just love the internet.

I believe that people are good, the world is wonderful and we all have a job to do make our corner just a little happier. We have a responsibility to care for each other. I believe that peace is more powerful than fear, and that wine and cheese can solve most anything. I love conversation, connections, quiet, wonder, walking, reading, reality tv, jeans and black t shirts, farmer’s markets, thrift stores, re-crafting, and being around smart people. I collect globes and old, found type. Did I mention how much I love coffee? I am curious, clumsy, somewhat creative, and still surprised to find out that I am a grown up.

I hope you’ll stay a bit and say hi.

8 Responses to Kim :: The Who and Why

  1. Shaena Strubing says:

    thank you so much for the card. you are amazing kim, the way you take life by the reins………motherhood is wonderful! madi, joya and natalya are my little angels. have a great time in india. i can’t wait to go there, should be in the next year. my friend is there right now trying to establish fair trade practices.

    all my love to you and the family,


    i am typing one handed so i can nurse little taly!

  2. Kim Baer says:

    I am so happy for you. For all your moves and grooves.
    And really happy you’re doing the blog.
    Keep us all posted.


  3. Sarbari Das says:

    Hi Kim: I visited and read your Blog. I can see how this trip to India has helped you to experience so much of Life around. We do go through Life, pass by each other without noticing much. Sometimes so quickly that it feels unreal like a movie camera that pans the changing frames. But this trip zoomed close enough to illuminate many ambiguties. I like when you mentioned the feeling of Humility. That is all left at the end of the day to retire with. Humility & Gratitude to resolve all the Whys, Hows & Whens of Life amidst the personal chaos!
    It was also my good fortune to have the chance to meet a soul like you. Sometimes it is important to trust Life! It does show up to make you belong to it, trust it deeply.
    Take care and live this Life as long as it lasts!
    I am here whenever you need me.

  4. Sue Tennant says:

    Dear Kim,
    My name is Sue Tennant and I live part of the week in Toronto to work on FreeSchools World Literacy( The other part I live at our Corporate Retreat Centre two hours north (

    I subscribe to google alerts for “Bihar” and was fascinated this morning to read your post about your experiences in India, and particularly in and around Patna. I recognized my two friends Sunil and Ramesh, who also work for an NGO in Bettiah, West Champaran District., a place I visit frequently. We support a string of 41 FreeSchools from Patna, through Muzzfarpur, Motihari and Bettiah.

    You write so well and it was gratifying to have someone express such emotion in response to the incredible poverty and plight of women in Bihar. I have had moments (more like a whole day)where I couldn’t cope, and other times when I wished I could live there to help people day-to-day. But I have fallen in love with the children and am hardening myself to the extreme deprivation. You are right, it doesn’t take much on our part to make a big difference in their lives. Our donors can support an entire school for just $1500/year. We have no paid staff in Canada – only a few volunteers. All the money we raise goes directly to the field. We probably won’t be able to sustain this model indefinitely as we have opened a total of 67 FreeSchools in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and among the Hill Tribes in northern Thailand. But for now a school, business or family can adopt a school for a year for just $125/month and know that every rupee goes directly to the literacy cause in Bihar. Only education can help these people escape the grinding poverty.

    Anyway, I just felt a bond with you because there are not many people in the west who have experienced village life in Bihar! Sue

  5. Kim says:

    This is a random note, but you seem like the type of person who would like this story.

    A month or so ago (I guess it was around Father’s Day) I happened to see a piece (on Oprah, I think, or something similar) about a dad, Matt Logelin, and his crazy, sad story of losing his wife the day after his daughter was born. Since then I’ve been trekking back over to his blog every so often to read his story in bits at a time (it’s amazing, but also makes me very sad and I can only take so much). Today, I was reading the comments for his blog from 5/27/2008 and there you were, kim from the davis. This struck me as odd because up until a week and a half ago, *I* was kim from the davis. So I followed a link over to this page and discovered that in this great, wide world, two Kims from the same small town in Northern California had ended up on the same inspiring site. I moved to Walnut Creek about 10 days ago and it was a treat to unexpectedly see pictures of little old Davis, where I had lived for 8 years and which I am missing quite a bit. Thank you for providing such a random moment in my day! 😀

  6. princessyoko says:

    🙂 I’ve been blogging for and I’m happy I’ve stumbled upon this. I’ve been stalking your page for quite a while now. Thank you, really for posting tons of awesome stuff.

  7. Hi Kim! I’m excited to be following you and to see what comes next 😉

  8. KD Brown says:

    Dear Kim…I’m a Kim also! I found my way to your blog this morning via a search suggestion by Ann Curry that “we” all try to do 26 acts of kindness for the 26 victims (I cant stand that word) from Newtown, Conn. And in light of my grieving, I find this a beautiful answer for right NOW…and think it could be a personal answer to many things going on in my own life!!

    Just your words and searching for your own answer to this entire sad situation we are all in…made me feel better and felt I could relate to you. I’m 51 but a now single Mom of four wonderful kiddos, 3 boys & 1 girl and know how difficult naviagating the world can be for them as young adults. My youngest is a HS junior with the oldest 25 now…so I’m in the home stretch of this chapter of my/our life and it is exciting!!

    I will look forward to following you and your adventures, thank you for the words!
    -Kim Brown

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