just a moment :: spring break edition


Alex was home for four days over spring break. This was the first time since last August when she left for Amsterdam (we’ve seen her since then, just not on home soil). We crammed two week’s worth of parenting and playing into four days…shopping (Target, Old Navy, Sunday morning Macy’s Clinique counter run) planned her future on giant post it notes (or at least identified the questions about her future, which is part way there, right?), had an incredible day wine tasting in Napa Valley. She turned us onto the comic Iliza Schlesinger (very, very funny, but oh so NSFW) and moved our car radio buttons off NPR and Sports Talk. We painted our nails mint green. We ate oysters and talked politics. She wasn’t so impressed with our ukelele playing. There was even belly dancing… (not really…we ate Lebanese food and stood up and moved when the belly dancer beckoned). We had a few of those moments where you realize your baby is actually an adult, and while you’ve been a parent for many, many years, it’s still a learning process. But we got through those quickly and I’d like to think, graciously. Perhaps we’ve all grown a little. It’s fleeting, this life thing. First you’re waiting for her to walk, then she runs, and then she flies. Poof, she’s gone.

photoIMG_1173 IMG_1216IMG_1239By the way, I’d like credit for not posting the belly dancing pictures. But if you remind me, I’ll show them to you on my phone (I am not that mature).



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