reconciling my (blog) life and world peace

have a nice illusion

Hey there, working my way into January. So far, so good. We rearranged the art in our house, which transformed our space. I didn’t imagine it would be so disturbing to move “stuff” and what else it would change, like where we sit at the dinner table. Steve’s take was that it was more fun than he imagined, so we balanced each other out (as we do). We went to art shows, and even bought some art…because one result of the moveable art experiment was that we wanted more of it. Also, practicing “When I’m 64” on our ukuleles. Knitting. Walking. Instagramming. Getting ready to see Alex in Oregon.

Here’s one thing. We’ve been going out, seeing old friends, and meeting some new ones. I’ve noticed that I am no longer being asked, “What do you do?” in terms of career, but “What do you do for fun, besides work?”

A welcome new question, but it requires a new answer. I  start with the This is Plan Be chat and assess if they can handle the “then we bought matching ukuleles” piece. If I haven’t lost them, I wander over to the “and I have a few blogs” part.  That’s where I sometimes lose myself.

So I am pondering. I think I need to have one blog. I started this one in 2009 when I was 50, and took a trip with Freedom from Hunger to India. I did a studio blog for a while, Re:design. I bounced around with a few other projects, like Project 365 :: Life Served Daily and Coffee :: Served Daily. I blended the design and coffee deal with a Tumblr, Caffeinated By Design.  I occasionally write blog posts on our studio website, Tackett+Barbaria.

I collect blogs. In fact, I could have a  blog hoarding issue. Last March, I started Fifty|Fifty Vision, with a commitment to write about midlife for a year. And in the fall, I opened This is Plan Be.

Even I, the woman who is missing the moderation gene (“all or nothing” could be my middle name), knows this is ridiculous. In March, I am thinking about combining this blog with Fifty|Fifty, and maybe even syncing them with Plan Be. From a branding perspective (and this is what I am paid to know and consult on), it’s nuts. From my personal perspective, it makes perfect sense to simplify and refresh.

So what about you? Who are you, besides my mom (Hi Jan)? I can see you on the stats, but I don’t really know who you are, where you come from, how often you come here, and why you show up. Do you also read Fifty|Fifty Vision? Are we friends on Facebook and Instagram? Do we know each other in real life, or are we real life internet friends (and if so, we should change that). If you could let me know, either in comments, or in email, I’d be grateful.

Because you know, there’s a messy world out there, and the sooner I can clean up my blogs, the sooner we can all go use our time and energy to make the world a kinder place.

Thanks. You’re the best.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to reconciling my (blog) life and world peace

  1. Ellen (Chris's aunt) says:

    Kim—-Yes I continue to thoroughly enjoy your blogs….sometimes inspirational, sometimes humorous, and love your photography. They brighten my day!!!

  2. This is my main squeeze blog of yours, Internet friend. But managing all those blogs must get darned tricky, so I’ll understand if you consolidate. I’m kind of amazed at how many disparate things you write, actually. It means you’re a writer, you know. : )

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