taking the fall :: hope valley

Remember summer before last, when we rented the vintage trailer in Hope Valley and pretended like we were real campers again? (In case you want a refresher, Here, here, here, and here.) This past week, despite the SF Giants winning the National League Pennant, was filled with work and worry, and Steve suggested we get away for a night. We decided to head up to Lake Tahoe, and stay in South Shore, at a new place I had read about, Basecamp Hotel. Typically, we are an ABSS (any where but South Shore) family, but it looked so cool, it was cheap, and it was a half hour from Hope Valley. It was a brilliant choice.

We left Saturday after lunch, and made it to Emerald Bay by 2:00. We hiked down to Vikingsholm, where I had an unfortunate incident with my camera. Also, I was a little on the whiny side, as the hike back up isn’t so easy. But I made it, and once we checked into the hotel, Steve resolved my camera issue, and we had wine. Also a dinner with music and pear, gorgonzola cheese and arugula pizza. And a fire pit.

This morning we drove to Hope Valley, and it was spectacular. And renewing. It was everything. And I can’t wait to go back this winter. I hear the cross country skiing is fantastic.

IMG_7926IMG_7985IMG_7980 IMG_8003 IMG_8009 IMG_8019 IMG_8042 IMG_8057 IMG_8084IMG_8146 IMG_8170IMG_8090


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