because we needed more stuff

I have been on a 100-things diet, trying to purge my home from stuff I don’t love or need, and so far I am up to 38 things. The first ten were easy, the next 25 required a little more thought, and the last three held some regret. I have stalled out. So of course, while in Chicago, we added to our stash. I skipped Michigan Avenue, which wasn’t so hard for me, since I am not good at fancy shopping. But give me a museum bookstore, and I am weak in the knees. Our Chicago bounty included: a new bike messenger/travel/computer bag for Steve (made in Chico!) paper goods (always), four t-shirts (Wrigley Field for me, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and Chicago Expo for Steve, plus a free Blick Art Supplies shirt he won in a raffle at the store), a fabulous (FAB-U-LOUS) WWDTM coffee mug for me, a Paul Klee book for Steve, a new pair of readers and a new pair of sunglasses, with very cool leather cases for me, from the very cool store, SEE (I made two trips), and for the two of us, salt and pepper (from our favorite neighborhood cafe) and a “mini-library” of Vosges chocolates (I had a personal Sunday afternoon chocolate tasting). Because, you know, we needed more stuff. I forgot to buy a fresh bag of Metropolis coffee, and never made it back to the Spice House, but I made up for it with 1262 photos. But who is counting?


IMG_7867IMG_7874 IMG_7875 IMG_7878IMG_7887IMG_7864IMG_7871


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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