for a friday :: good karma edition


If it’s Mother’s Day weekend in Davis, it’s also Whole Earth Festival, so you know where to find me. It was a fine week, though I was a little behind the curve. I worked, I wrote, I continued on my quest to crack the code of the midlife blogging universe for my other project, fifty|fifty vision. There was some baseball happening, and some good news on Alex’s year in Amsterdam in terms of a scholarship to cover her round trip ticket (you know, the one without a return date on it). We rode our bikes to Davis Wednesday night Farmer’s Market, where Steve exclaimed it was just like Woodstock, except with high-end baby strollers. Heh.

Happy weekend, and if you’re a mom, I hope it’s filled with nothing but love (and I mean nothing…because that’s what pretty much every mom wants, nothing…just a little loving, a little peace and a little time to do whatever fancies her). See you in the tie dye booth.

PS. Late breaking news: One of my posts is featured on the home page of BlogHer today. I have no idea what this means, but it’s cool and I’m feeling grateful!



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