one more cup for the road


Yup, same cup. Everywhere I go, I always have my supply kit. Coffee, french press (sometimes a drip filter, just to change it up), one of the diner mugs, and a box of milk. Also, a few Kind bars, apples and maybe some granola. And a bottle of wine. Or two. There’s more, but those are the go-to provisions. Coffee in the hotel lobby? Not soon enough. Coffee at the Starbucks down the street? You’re kidding, right? I am not even capable of dressing myself without coffee (and I am NOT kidding). I’ve only started my morning once, that I can remember, without a cup. That was in India, when we were staying at a Hare Krishna temple and compound and caffeine wasn’t part of the gig. I believe I did attack the tea cart just outside the gates when we were leaving. My shower that morning was also with a bucket of cold water.

In other news, I found an extra week. Does that ever happen to you? Time compression, before an event or deadline. It happens to me constantly. Sometimes it’s hours, but this time it was a whole week. I realized it when I was awake, worrying at 4:00 a.m.  And to my credit, I went back to sleep, rather than adding ten more things to my to-do list. It must be the coffee.

That’s all I have for you…rolling into Thursday. Let’s go.

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