best of three…

Ballpark, team, and date. I did love Wrigley, and I know Fenway will be cool, but really, AT&T is the best. ballpark. ever.                IMG_6480It starts with a picnic at McCovey Cove (bring the sandwiches from home, save the big bucks for the beer).IMG_6495Seats in the sun. I managed to do a quick change from a long sleeved shirt to short sleeved, with just one quick flash to, well, 40,000 people. But I only think one was looking, and I apologized.IMG_6505Cain battled.IMG_6514That would be Buster Posey’s second inning home run.IMG_6531Hunter, gotta love him.IMG_6546And Steve in the seventh inning stretch (and I really do love him, no joke).IMG_6595IMG_6569Ladies and gentlemen, your World Series MVP. Oh, Pablo, what will we do with you?IMG_6557I entertained myself playing with shadows.IMG_6678And in the end, we won. IMG_6519IMG_6603


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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