chicago | at last

Our last day in Chicago started with coffee and ended with cocktails, with a bit of sunshine, a boat tour and a walk on the beach.

First up, Metropolis Coffee with Kate, her favorite neighborhood spot.IMG_4774IMG_4753IMG_4761

Brendan met us downtown for the Chicago Architecture Foundation Boat Tour, which was really fantastic. It was the most sun we had seen in a week (though still hat and jacket worthy) and we were all pretty happy about it.IMG_4817IMG_4796IMG_4786IMG_4943IMG_4864IMG_4876IMG_4895IMG_4881IMG_4873

Brendan had to go back to the studio to work, so we pretended like we were going to do NOTHING FUN (and if you read this B., we promise we didn’t have ANY FUN!), so the three of us walked up to the John Hancock Building and took the ride to the 96th floor for cocktails. It was the perfect last event.


Honestly, we were all just wiped out from so much wonderful, and couldn’t do any more. Except…one last walk to the beach. And a Steve-Kate inspired meal…and a bottle of wine (opened with a drill, when a corkscrew could not be procured). A great ending to a fabulous trip. See you next year Chicago…in May or June! And Kate and Brendan…you two are something spectacular. Keep going.



About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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