the eggs are in the house

I almost skipped them this year. Alex leaves early Sunday morning, which means I really don’t have an excuse to do an Easter basket for her. Last weekend we were shopping and every time she picked up a necklace or earrings, I told her it was an Easter present. Steve and I haven’t even done a good job of planning an alternate activity…hiking maybe, depending on the weather. Friday I stopped by the store and tried to convince myself that we could have Friday evening cheese and olives on the patio and call it an Easter-ish feast. Then I decided I could do some deviled eggs…and it was a slippery slope from there. Chocolate bunny, Jelly Bellies, and before I knew what happened, a package of Peeps popped into my cart. I ran into a friend (who has a daughter at school in Scotland) and she couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to color the eggs. She handed me the egg coloring kit. I remembered those years when we were out of control on egg coloring…I think one year we did eight dozen. Maybe more.

And that’s how it came to be that at 8:30 this morning I was coloring eggs…

Happy Easter everyone.


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