the sisterhood of creativity

imageI am lucky enough to have some lifelong (or at least long in this life) friends who are very creative. I’ve know Monica and Leslie since college, and they’ve always inspired me, and everyone around them. Monica has many sisters, also creative. And those sisters have friends…artists, teachers, and thrifters (all in the same body, most of them). Once a year this group drives from San Francisco and Chico, picking up a few along the way (like me), and meet in Sacramento for a day of thrifting and laughing, and pizza and recrafting (that would be crafting with the stuff just thrifted). This is four-warehouse-with-shopping carts kind of day…with deals on tyvek envelopes (for wallets, y’know) and credit card machines (mono prints), bags of corks (tools for ceramics) and paper butts (worth their price, just to get to say those two words together). Since I am on a serious home clean out mission, I tried to be restrained. I bought some chemistry beakers, two very cool poker necklaces for Alex (50 cents!), plus some spiffy orange and black decor for her at OSU. And the best treasure of the day….Melissa gave me a typewriter she rescued from her school’s trash! We had delicious pizza and brownies and persimmon cookies and Monica and Dorothy led the make and takes, while the rest of us just made a mess. At the end, photo of the Lee sisters…who made it all happen, again and again (that’s a little recycled joke). The day looked like this:

IMG_1932 IMG_1945 IMG_1942 IMG_1947 IMG_1936 IMG_1922 IMG_1962 IMG_1958 IMG_1956 IMG_1973 IMG_1986 IMG_1984

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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