project 365 | 2013, or learning the art of compromise

I just posted photo 50 of this year’s Project 365. I took it at my desk yesterday. It’s a perfect illustration of why this project is so ridiculous and also so essential for me.


I took 210 photos to get this one. And that was just yesterday. This is the third time, possibly the fourth, I have tried to capture this particular view. Here’s the deal…I had better photos…but I forgot to clean the calculator, so all you saw was dust (and it wasn’t the pretty kind of dust). There’s always something. So I took the best one of the group and moved on. The art of compromise. The art of showing up, doing your best and getting on with the day. Not stalling out, just moving forward.

Out of 50 photos, I probably have 6 that were what I intended. I have many more of what I call “the sideshow.” I enter the day, intending to photograph something special, and end up with something else, some small little moment that’s on the sidelines. I probably have another 10 photos I really like. One of them, a coffee photo (of course) was picked for Explored on Flickr (it’s like being on their home page) and has had almost 800 views. I’ve seen it floating around on Tumblr (credited), which is sort of thrilling. I’m connecting with other photographers, and I am getting better. I am taking about 150 photos a day.

Every day. Every day to seek a moment that’s worthy of a photo. And to sometimes get a good picture, and sometimes not. And when I don’t get it, just trying to learn from it, and move on. More photos here and here. And some of my favorites, right here:



About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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