speaking of sculptures

IMG_0743Confession: I wanted to name this post “pole dancers” but I chickened out. In the early 1960’s, internationally renowned designer, Saul Bass, designed this very cool sculpture for the Fuller O’Brien Paint Company, and it sits at the corner of 16th and Q in Sacramento. That’s two blocks from the studio, which means I get to pass it every day. From the street, it’s kinda cool. But up close, it’s really, really cool.

This week I finally took the time to photograph it. I came this close (this close!) to having a kerfuffle with the security guard who told me I couldn’t stand in the parking lot (it’s now the Blood Source Center, and there was exactly one car in the lot). He sent me to the receptionist who reminded me I couldn’t climb or swing on the sculpture, but if I behaved myself (ok, she didn’t really say that), I could stay and shoot. And so I did. If you want to know more (about the sculpture, not my behavior), check out my friend Michael Kennedy’s story here. I think it was 1988 when Saul Bass was here though, not 1990. He held Katelyn and declared she had a perfectly shaped head. Of course she did!




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