mendo, continued

Day two in Mendocino. Lazy coffee (and toast, see previous post), drive to Fort Bragg with the music loud and the sunroof open. Glass beach, which is a not-so-secret dump/beach place with sea glass in place of sand. Yes, covered in sea glass. The old glass beach is glassless, so we had to climb over a few rocks to get to the new glass beach just south (and endure Steve’s mocking of me for insisting to wear Merrill clogs rather than white running shoes, which really didn’t look good with my outfit, y’ know). Loved the glass, really did, but found myself more interested in the crockery and the random assorted stuff that has washed up to shore. Glass beach to a walk for lunch on a bluff, a drive up farther north to McKerricher (gosh, were we really just 19 and 21 when we came here?), then back for a walk at Jug Handle State Park. No one was there! Sunny bluffs, incredible waves, and just us. We wandered back to town and through a few shops, but  it was so beautiful outside that we couldn’t stay in. I did buy a scarf at the hippie store that was playing Grateful Dead, and held off on the Yellow Submarine jigsaw puzzle. There was a deck calling our name, and books, and perhaps another glass of wine, another Happy Hour and a hot tub in the forest. And we still have one more day to go!DSC00714DSC00717 DSC00723 DSC00765DSC00752 DSC00748DSC00772 DSC00795  DSC00804


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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3 Responses to mendo, continued

  1. Wow, I would just want to scoop up pocketfuls of that sea glass!

  2. njweseman says:

    I’m in love with the multitude of sea glass. I would be in heaven there. The water is just stunning!
    And, happy birthday to Alex.

  3. Sea glass collectors should be banned from this beach. Amazing!

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