wanna get lucky?

I am about to give you the gift idea of the year…it’s cheap, thoughtful and it’s easy (the trifecta!). Plus, I promise it will make the recipient cry. You will get lucky, and better than that, making it will make you feel lucky. I give you, The Guaranteed To Make Them Cry Deck Of Cards gift:DSC00482I made it for Steve for Christmas, and it’s still on the mantle. And while nice couples don’t actually compete for who can make the other cry, we may or may not engage in such a contest. Even the girls participate, usually with cards for Mother’s and Father’s Day. High fives for crying parents/spouses might actually happen. Last year Steve clearly won with a book he made of my 2010 Project 365. This Christmas I knew I had to show up with something really special. I found the idea on Pinterest (here is the original pin). A deck of cards, labels (from Michael’s, I think they were Martha Stewart), a hole punch, and some binder rings (Office Max) and I was ready.  I thought I might need to write out the list, but I just did it as I went, and it was fun and easy. Honestly, I could have done 2 decks of cards, which made me feel really, really lucky. I will go ahead and pre-high five you. You’re welcome!



About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to wanna get lucky?

  1. This is a cute idea. I’ve been looking for something sweet to give my husband when he gets back from Afghanistan this summer. How many decks of cards would I need for 270 days? A few more than I have on hand lol

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