project 365 | 2013 edition

You can file this under “opps, I did it again.” Despite my better judgement, and the advice of my family, I am doing another Project 365. If you weren’t here for round one in 2010, it means taking a picture a day for a year. The project was exciting, frustrating, inspiring, tiring, delightful, challenging and I promised I would never do it again. So I morphed it into something simple, like Coffee|Served Daily, because 1000 cups of the same subject is sooooo much easier than 365 photos of different subjects.

However… Project 365 is a great way to notice and capture the small moments, and I seem to need that extra motivation. The daily exercise helps me see the light, the texture, the small art that shows up when we least expect it. It helps me stop and notice the way that paper curls, or the light coming through the kitchen window for three minutes each morning. Otherwise I just see the piles of paper, and the dishes, and the laundry. I don’t see the spectacular cloud (because even if I don’t have my camera with me, I am noticing it and wish I did), the reflection in the puddle of water, or the way the scarf my mom knitted for Steve looks so awesome on him. It also means I have to accept funky photos, awkward transitions and days that are uninspired and lacking in creativity. I trust you understand.

I’m keeping it on Flickr and on this blog (see the link on the top left, or click here). I am doing it this time around without a dog or a daughter at home, and after I have already taken hundreds of pictures of cups of coffee. I have already cheated, and I am certain I will cheat again.  But I am doing it anyway. Here are the first ten. And if you want to do it too, let me know. We can be a community of moment catchers.



About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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3 Responses to project 365 | 2013 edition

  1. I love this idea; I think it’s really important to pay attention to the small things. But I feel it’s so much pressure. I think I’m too much of a perfectionist for such a project. What if you take a picture in the morning and find a better object in the afternoon? What if you forget a day? What if you have such a routine that you don’t see new beauty from one day to the next?

    My friend challenged me to a 25 Day photo challenge in December (mine is here: and there were several nights when I would leap out of bed close to midnight. “Where are you going?” my startled husband would ask. “I have to post a picture.” Gah.

  2. kimtb says:

    Kris, I think all of those frustrations are real and true. Yesterday morning I took what I imagined were lovely photos of fresh peppers from the garden. I was so pleased I was done by 8 am. Later I took a few quick snaps of Steve with the scarf my mom just made him. The pepper photos weren’t good, and the scarf photo was good enough. And for me, the idea of changing expectations is something I always have to work on. In 2010 I did miss days and then played catch up. When we remodeled the kitchen I missed a week or so, and then shot all of them in my iphone at the paint counter in Home Depot. So part of this is giving myself permission to be funky. I do remember though how much I loved having a slideshow on December 31 that helped me remember the smallest moments…

  3. I would just like to point out that I remember the Home Depot photos because they were some of my faves. Ergo, cheating is good.

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