the candy cathedral | christmas 2012

Not just any cathedral, Notre Dame. Because we do things the classy way at Christmas. Lots of photos here, so get your hot chocolate and wait a bit. It will be worth it, I promise. Grandpa Bill out did himself with the engineering, and Steve was the first allowed in for support. Kate was happy to be able to use her Art History/Medieval Studies degree, and I am on year two of transferring to frosting patrol (it’s a long process). Alex was the delightful and loyal candy applier, and Grandma was the cheerleader and medic (hot glue is hot…you’d think we’d learn by now). Perhaps the best part was the opportunity to say “flying buttresses” through the day. By the way, we were wondering, what do other families do on Christmas Eve?

DSC09473 DSC09395   DSC09387  DSC09399  DSC09404 IMG_0015 DSC09409   DSC09421 DSC09424 DSC09452 DSC09447


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