pondering love

new slippers. pjs just out of the dryer. waking up in time to see a glorious sunrise. coffee brought by someone you love, in a perfectly shaped cup. a rainy day with no plans to do anything but read and watch old movies. a good hair day. fine wine with fabulous friends. the same fabulous friends and a six pack. bellyache laughter around the table. reaching the top of a hike. and reaching the car when you’re done. those friends, loving on your kids, and your kids loving them back (you know who you are). being able to hold hands with your dad. and your mom. still. fresh spinach and lettuce from the garden.  husband, still sexy and cute since 1979. sidewalk chalk art. the promise of baseball. a yellow bicycle. and a tandem. the farmer’s market. that person who stopped and smiled and let you make a (safe) left hand turn yesterday. mumford and sons*. a perfectly cooked egg. sriracha sauce. giggling sisters. christmas gifts made, wrapped and ready. soup’s on. blue skies peeking through the clouds.

and that is my version of a group hug. love you, too.

* here you go…


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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