bottlecap candles

If you’re on my Christmas gift list, please avert your eyes (you know who you are). If not, let’s carry on. We have established that I am a fan of “stand up crafts.” That means crafts that require no special skill, including patience. I love (love!) to make Christmas gifts, but I don’t draw, paint, sew, bake or knit (well, I knit, but I still am cast-off challenged). My go-to craft is typically something candle-related. This year I attempted bottle cap candles. Yup, bottle caps. I happen to be in possession of hundreds of awesome bottle caps (and hundreds more not so awesome ones). I also have lots of soy wax (you can get it at Michaels, in shreds, and it microwaves!). I bought the wicks and used a glue gun to put them in place, and since they were long, cut them in half and used the top half, which did require about 15 seconds of wait time, but I do have the patience for that. I did a tester set, just to confirm that it was a good idea (it did seem a little wacky) and they last for about 45 minutes. Fun, yes? Tomorrow, return of the bird seed ornaments.



About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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