this tolerance thing works two ways, my friends

Sigh. That was one of relief. My Made in America Obama coffee mug is full of expectation this morning. And hope. I love America today.

But something is bothering me. After the second debate, I realized that as much as the other guy scared me (and he did), that half of America was as scared of my guy. That either way the election went, half of us would wake up this morning in fear. And that made me concerned, and even sad.

This morning, my Facebook feed is full of joy. I only saw one anti-Obama note (“I guess I would be happy if I were part of the 47%”).  I almost deleted her from my friends list, but I didn’t. I was also bothered by the kind of vicious glee I saw from my side (“Take that GOP, Pow!!!”).  Really? Do we have to be that way?

I am one of those people who truly believes we are better together. I think different minds develop better solutions. And we need better solutions, for sure. I don’t want a country, or even a family, where everyone thinks exactly the same. I do want a country where we honor each other, and our land and natural resources, and opportunity for all. I want equality, accountability, and tolerance. And that tolerance part, that is a two-way street.

Last night I heard a call to action for unity and understanding. I am taking the challenge. How about you?

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to this tolerance thing works two ways, my friends

  1. njweseman says:

    Same here, I am all about unity and understanding, love and compassion. I had two friends write similar, beautiful posts about the election, just like yours here. I had a couple of friends on IG or blogs who wrote nasties about both parties, and I almost deleted them, but just decided to turn my head and keep going. I agree, the gloating and boasting to a high level is just as disheartening. The yucky stuff makes me so sad. I wish more people thought like you do! I wanted to write a post-election post, but my words would not be as eloquent as yours. My candidate didn’t win, but I wish all the best for Obama. He is a good man, and we live in a wonderful country!

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