angel island | a second look

Last Sunday we hiked the perimeter of Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. We went SF side first, with each view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the City more lovely than the last. It would be pretty hard to beat. Unless of course, you were to show up with some decay and peeling paint. That would complete the picture, no pun intended.  Angel Island was a military base, and also served as an Immigration Station from 1910-1940 processing approximately 1 million Asian immigrants. Many were detained for years on the island, waiting for entry. California is still challenged with how to tell that story, but most school kids do visit Angel Island to learn (and hopefully learn what history not to repeat).  We didn’t actually visit the Immigration Area, but did wander around the abandoned buildings before we found the “do not enter” sign.   Clearly, I’m stuck in the “still learning” phase of life.

We ended with a beer at the cantina, and a just-missed ferry, which was really just an excuse for a second beer.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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  1. I say we buy that peeling palace and turn it into a retreat center for cool women who like to blog. I’ll organize a bake sale . . .

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