the last-but-not-least supper

If you’ve been following along, you know that my daughters are adventurous in all areas of their lives, including dining. One of our final family activities was Alex’s Last Supper at Morimoto in Napa. It was really a celebration of both girls, since Kate is leaving for Chicago on the same day we drive Alex to Oregon. This was Alex’s third Morimoto dining experience, Kate’s first.

We had eleven different plates, mostly appetizers. Toro Tartare, Spicy Crab Legs, Braised Octopus, Fresh Oysters, Pork Belly, Lobster Wonton, Sashimi with five sauces….and more I can’t remember. While the menu included the ingredients, it never described the inventive, playful way the food would be presented…as in “and the chef asks that you drizzle the sauce from the five pipettes (you know, the ones tied together by the lovely twig and baby orchid)” or “the chef asks that you dip the lighter than heaven doughnut in the sauces and sugars, and mix and match to find what suits you best.” Ok, I made up the lighter than heaven part. But it was. As were the ice cream s’mores (with “congratulations” written in gold leaf on dark chocolate) and the mini-ice cream sandwiches.

At one point we looked across the table at these two girls of ours and wondered how we had anything to do with who they are. This parenting thing is kind of overwhelming. Truly.

Before the dinner:


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