and then we just sat around and read

I grew up in a reading family. If I had to identify one activity that we all did together, it would be reading. Basically, we sat around and read. Together. Not out loud together. Just in a room together. Or the patio together. Or on a camping trip together.

When Steve met us, he was confused. I remember him wondering about this reading thing as a family activity. His family reads, and he reads, but I don’t think they consider it something to do together. But it didn’t take long for him to see how nice it was just to sit around and read as a team sport. Well, maybe not a sport in Barbaria vernacular, but certainly sport for the Tacketts.

My family trades books, and now we are all on the same Kindle account (thanks Dad), so every once in a while you will pick up a new book and see where someone else is in it. (By the way, right now I am reading Gone Girl, recommended by Mom and Dad.)

So we’re in day three of having the both girls home…no holidays, just family time. And last night, here we were, circled in the living room. Reading, together. To be honest, Alex was on the iPad, doing more skimming than reading (she is the only one who refuses electronic reading devices, and actually prefers used, tattered books to new ones). No TV, not even music. Just laying around, reading.

And it was really, really nice.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to and then we just sat around and read

  1. I want to come over and read! That’s my favorite together activity that I’d want in a partner, though people do think it sounds weird. I just started Gone Girl too, so we could read a chapter and then go off to get a snack to discuss . . . it would be so good.

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