this is how it went

1. Olympics…on our new TV. The 1992 TV is in the garage (no small feat to get it there either, it was the heaviest thing we own). By my calculations, this one will last us until we’re in our early 80s.

2. At work I delivered by first presentation on a project I have been working on for months and months (and months). It’s one of the biggest consulting projects I’ve ever done, and it’s been pretty exciting for me. It was like birthin’ a baby, I tell you. I may have heard the client say, “this is amazing.” Still more to do, but that was amazing.

3. Back-to-school shopping…dorm room comforter, check. New backpack, check. Super cute rain shoes, check (blue!). The rest happens this weekend. This all goes well as long as I remember that her taste is like Steve’s (simple, clean, no patterns or florals) and I keep my questions and crafting ideas to myself. I did make her a “mom in a box” kit and she said it was sweet but kind of weird.

4. Halfway point. I finished week 15 of the Kaiser Weight Management program minus 34 pounds. Fifteen weeks of chocolate shakes…I think I had three meals in there, with a few glasses of wine and one beer. So happy to have that over. As a group of 19, we’ve lost a combined 850 pounds. I still kind of hate the program, but it works. We’re now in transition, which means we’re integrating lean proteins and vegies into our lives. The plan is to pick one meal and have the same thing every night for a week…4 oz. protein and 1/3 cup of vegies. Yeah, it doesn’t include #5 (see below).

5. The first last supper. We drove to St. Helena last night to taste the Mozzarella al Minuto at Tra Vigne. This was Ian’s going away dinner and there were nine of us. It was delightful. We had a table of cheese and heirloom tomatoes, and roasted Padron peppers, and mussels, and fig and goat cheese pizza…and that was just to start. Sending the three off to college over the next few weeks…lots and lots to celebrate.

PS. My search for a great alter ego name is still in progress. So far every name I think of sounds like a porn star or a country band. Needs more work, for sure.

Poster by Lisa Congdon.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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