We convinced Alex that a good way for her to earn spending money for college would be to hold a yard sale this summer. She does the work and keeps the profits. We get a clean garage, at least one that my car will fit into. She enthusiastically agreed, and dashed off to a weekend camping trip. We started cleaning the garage, the music shelves, the upstairs closets, the bins and boxes and baskets. Yeah, that wasn’t really how I envisioned this process, but it seemed like we needed to do this first step, or perhaps the first fifty steps.

We tried, we really tried, to adhere to three principles. Then we had to add a fourth, because the first three weren’t really getting us anywhere.

1. Is it functional?  2. Is it sentimental?  3. Is it beautiful?  4. Bonus principle…When we move to our little house with the big porch, will we take it with us?

So that kind of explains why the More of the Monkees CD is still on the shelf. Along the way, we found:

  • Teeth. Maybe Kate’s wisdom teeth? She’s clever enough without them anyway.
  • A beautiful black and white, hand painted photo of the desert that hung in my grandparent’s hallway.
  • My flute. I stopped playing when I was 12.
  • Every framed poster we’ve ever owned.
  • Legos, doll furniture, every Disney video cassette ever produced (and yes, the princess ones, too), every Chico News and Review we ever published (1978-1981), every piece of the girl’s art I deemed frameable (that would be every piece), and a scrapbook of Steve’s drawings from kindergarten.
  • Steve’s roller blades, tennis racket, and our racquetball racquets (I’ve never been as fun as he’s been, but I have had a few fun moments). There’s more, but those were the big discoveries.
  • And…our International Youth Hostel cards and Eurail Passes, from 1981.

Treasures, all of them. Just some of them to keep with us, and others that are ready for a new home. Preferably somebody else’s.

P.S. Only the teeth were tossed. The racquets and the posters went into the sale pile (along with a bag of CDs, part of my girl superhero collection (keeping all Wonder Women), assorted hardware and lots of leftover studio furniture…file cabinet anyone?)


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Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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4 Responses to found

  1. anniespickns says:

    I kept some of Franklin’s toys and most of his books and it has been wonderful seeing my grand son’s play with their “dad’s stuff” as they call it. They love the books too and knowing that their dad read them. Something to think about for the future. It also gives you another good reason to hold on just a little while longer. I cleaned out closets for a week here and had a garage sale. Have to say I felt much better after but the toys and books are still here and weren’t even an option as I tossed and sorted.

  2. kimtb says:

    Ann, we’re keeping everything except for the posters and the teeth, and a few of the racquets.

  3. less-ah-lee says:

    are you getting rid of a dollhouse? we’re in the market!

    • kimtb says:

      Les, we’re not getting rid of it (Grandpa built it), but since you’re here, the girls would love to see you! Kate will be home for three weeks, and Alex is going nuts waiting to get to Oregon. I’ll email you!

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