it’s a triple

We didn’t mean it to be a baseball/softball weekend, but somehow it went that way. It is summer, afterall. On Friday night we drove to Dixon to see  the Little League 9-10 year old Regional Championship (I think that’s what it was…I’m not so well-versed in Little League lingo). We watched our neighbor Josh play, his dad coach, and the team win in extra innings with a walk off. It was kind of amazing and really a blast.

(Photo from the Davis Enterprise, that’s Josh with the giant smile).

On Saturday morning Alex’s 10u All Stars team was playing in a tournament at Community Park, so we headed over to watch them win and remember when she was playing on the same field, about ten minutes ago.

(Photo from the Enterprise)

Saturday was actually our wedding anniversary (33!) and we were planning on celebrating on Sunday, though a little lost as to what to do, now that I am foodless and wineless. Saturday night Steve got creative and bought Giants tickets, so on Sunday we reapplied our sunscreen and packed up for San Francisco. The day was ours, and theses pictures were mine. By the way, the Giants won in a walkoff, and it was awesome and a blast! Afterall, it is summer.

Steve and a new friend.

He’s just 13 and is in front of the stadium every game. Quite the showman.

Vogey pitched great, and even treated us to an almost brawl. Now that was interesting!

Happy crowd when we tied. They got even happier when we won.


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