aunt louise

Today we’ll join Steve’s family to celebrate the life of his Aunt Louise. She was full of love and laughter and had a heart big enough to hold all of us. She always told me how lucky she felt she was…honestly, we were the lucky ones. While Steve was growing up, everyone lived in the same zip code, so aunties and uncles and cousins (and of course, grandparents) were a daily, and certainly weekly, celebration. I was a newcomer…I’ve only been in the family for 33 years. But with this family, once you’ve sat at the dinner table, you’re in for life.

Aunt Louise had a four children, tons of grandkids, and about a gazillion great grandkids. Add her nieces, nephews, great nieces (including my two daughters) and assorted spouses, in laws, neighbors, friends….that’s a pretty big circle to love.

With Alex, two Thanksgivings ago. Alex loved, loved, loved Auntie.

Singing with her daughter, Kathy (Steve’s cousin and my dear friend) and Steve’s mom.

With her little brother, Vince (Steve’s dad). I wish I had a better picture of Aunt Louise with her little sister, Aunt Pat. They (along with my mom and her sister) have set the standard for sister love, one I hope will inspire Kate and Alex for the rest of their lives. Here are Pat and Louise, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, and enjoying each other, at the Squaw Cabin (one of their favorite getaways).

Steve and I were able to visit with her a month ago, and we left her feeling uplifted and inspired. Louise found a blessing in every corner, and somehow made everyone around her feel special. She had been losing her eyesight for years and was legally blind, but we never remembered, because she always told us how beautiful we were.

If that is true, it’s only because we were reflecting her light.


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One Response to aunt louise

  1. Nicolle says:

    Aunt Louise is such a beautiful lady. Blessings and hugs to all of you upon her passing. What a beautiful life you all had to share together!

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