thrift store score

This weekend I took a $5.00 bill and paid a visit to the SPCA Thrift Store. I haven’t been there for several weeks (it was around the corner from the old studio and I used to pass it every day). It was worth the wait. A small, and kind of cheap globe (to go with the other four really good ones in the new studio), two really, really cool maps (one US, one world), a canteen that scares me a little, and a Jack Russell Terrier Conformation Society mug for Alex. I don’t know what a conformation society is, but it might do with being smart and agile, and she is.

I had change left over to donate to the puppies.  Total score.

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3 Responses to thrift store score

  1. leslyejoy says:

    Oh, I am overdue for a good thrift shop jaunt. Nice scores!

  2. Monica Lee says:

    Hey, take us there for next years Girls Day! Good finds Kim.
    Busy cleaning my studio looking at my finds of the last thirty years ….

  3. I love your thrifty finds–and the fact that you had change leftover! Impressive. That canteen needs a tent and ghost stories.

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