there’s a last time for everything

I think it’s clear that I am moving into that phase where youngest-child-is-preparing-to-leave-home-and-everything-is-sentimental. Alex’s new cleats came yesterday and the sight of them on the kitchen table made me whimper, just a little.

Steve has been buying her cleats for eleven years. Two pair per season, usually four pair a year. Because she’s a pitcher, they get pretty beat up, and he glues a toe guard to them, and then repairs them over and over. Care and feeding of the cleats, or something like that. Here’s a photo of her current cleats…fair warning, it’s pretty disgusting.

This is her last season, so I suspect it’s her last pair. Though I am pretty sure if she plays club softball at Oregon State, her dad will pick up the cost of the cleats (and probably a new bat, but that’s another story).

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, the Davis High Varsity softball team is 9-2 so far this season. Heh.

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